“I recently experienced the debilitating pain of sciatica. While searching for a neurosurgeon I began receiving twice a week treatments from Dr. Fiquet Duckworth.
After the third week the pain began to subside; after six weeks I was essentially pain free and was returning to normal activities. No surgery required! I’m still pain free.” – Robert B.“When I came to Dr. Duckworth I did not tell her about the gray haze I was seeing.   The second time I came in to see her she looked into my eyes and asked if the haze was gone.  I knew then I could trust her with my brain injury. I was afraid to go places due to the fear of falling I am so very grateful for my treatments that Dr. Duckworth gave me. I feel like a normal person again.  Thank you!!!!” – Priscilla S.

fiquet hanna duckworth

“A year or so ago I injured my back lifting a piece of furniture. An MRI revealed a herniated disc in my upper back. It was very painful. Ther herniated disc was pushing on a nerve that ran down my left arm. Sleeping was painful, sitting was painful, and driving was painful.

After a consultation with a local doctor, he determined that I would need surgery to replace the herniated disc. This really scared me.

That night I could not sleep, worrying about this surgery. I got on the computer and searched “herniated disc surgery.” I was surprised to find many forms out there on the subject. There were testimonials of successful surgeries but there were also many horror stories of unsuccessful procedures.

One thing that was mentioned over and over in these forums was how people had gained relief from acupuncture. I had never tried acupuncture but I thought it would be worth a try before undergoing surgery.

My sister recommended Dr. Fiquet Duckworth. I called and made and appointment with her. After a consultation with her, she recommended an acupuncture regimen.

After about my 8th appointment, I was driving my truck and realized I was not in any pain. I did a few more follow-up sessions and have not had pain in my arm since.

A few months later, I was not paying attention to the way I lifted a heavy object and hurt my back again. This time I ruptured a disc in my lower back that began pushing on my sciatica nerve.  Talk about pain!

I began seeing Dr. Duckworth again and after 8 or 10 sessions, the pain was gone and has not returned. I am so relieved that I did not have the surgery. I am now pain free and doing all the things I was able to do before.

Oh, and Dr. Duckworth was also able to relieve my miserable allergy symptoms.

Thank you Dr. Duckworth!” — D.B.“Fique Hannah Duckworth (yes, that is her name) is an acupuncturist, but she is more than that. I can vouch for her. She has put me on the road to being human again. Her skills include, mental health, diet and exercise along with who knows what. She is a fireball of energy and talent.

When I first appeared on her doorstep, I could barely walk, my head was always fuzzy as well as being in constant overall pain. What a mess I was.

I had been in and out of the hospital off and on each year for about 10 years. Lots of surgeries, lots of pain medications, lots of problems. A computer repair man was at my house and were chatting along and I said my back is killing me, I am going to lay down. I invited him to come in as it was OK if he had any problems.

Soon he came into the room and said “You have stenosis”! It seems his mother also has stenosis and she got great relief from pain as did he from work related causes. They had had acupuncture done by a woman over off St. Frances and had gotten a great deal of relief.

Soooo, why not… I called Fique Hannah Duckworth and made an appointment for acupuncture. I knew what acupuncture was, but had not had success with the three other people who I had tired.

The first appointment was a lot of get to know you, but also treatment. I thought this could be OK. The next time I went in I was barely able to walk and rather out of it. When I walked out of her office that 2nd time I already knew this might just be the one person who could help me.

It is almost a year later. I have faithfully been seeing her 2 times a week. I can now walk, talk, think and behave almost like I did before. Of course Im now 82 years old and do have some of those things to deal with, but am ready to “rock and roll.” I don’t need someone to care for me anymore, do my grocery shopping, care for two dogs and a cat that live with me, or drive me any place. Wheee! I am now on my own except for heavy lifting and caring for my outside plants and property, and a cleaning lady that has been with me for six years.

I am also starting to think about going back to volunteering one 1/2 day a week and looking for an exercise experience that will strengthen my 10lb. smaller body. My computer games and exercises have helped my brain think more clearly and I am making an attempt to build back a part of myself that is comfortable and productive.

WHEEE! thank you Fique! Without you I would probably be bed ridden and an old lady. HELLO, Nancy! Welcome to the world as it is today at my young 82 years old.” — Nancy McD.

fiquet hanna duckworth

“I met Dr. Fiquet 8 months ago after undergoing surgery to remove a benign tumor from my kidney that had been pressing on my adrenal gland. I was exhausted and in pain. A friend of mine told me that I had to see Dr. Fiquet, “she is a genius,” she said. I now have the privilege of repeating her words.

After a month of treatment I was on my way to recovery and today I feel like my younger self. I know that when I need a tune up, Dr Fiquet will be there for me with her compassionate listening and extraordinary skills.” – Jayne L.

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