Intergrative Diet and Weight Loss Programs

Integrative Japanese Acupuncture and Wellness Center approaches weight loss from a variety of individualized programs. To lose weight you have to understand why you gained weight and have a proper diagnosis and treatment plan. Some reasons for weight gain are:

Hormonal Imbalances: As hormones come into our bodies and when they start declining they can upset the metabolism and cause people to gain weight. Pre puberty as well as menopause can cause a disruption in hormonal functioning and an increase in weight. Certainly thyroxin deficiencies or hypothyroidism can be a cause for weight gain. Cortisol and insulin dysregulation both cause weight fluctuation.

Lack of exercise: Lack of exercise can be for a variety of reasons. If you don’t expend all your calories that you get from your food you will gain weight. So now you need exercise. See the our tips here.

Stress: Emotional stress can contribute to weight gain. Some people eat to relieve stress. Stress also causes cortisol dysregulation and an increase in insulin resistance of the cells, which leads to an increase of free-floating sugar, which turns into fat.

Allergies: Today more and more people have developed allergies. There are air borne allergies to pollen as well as food allergies. The body’s reaction to allergens is inflammation that is accompanied by swelling. The water in the swelling causes an increase in weight. Often simply reducing the allergic response to pollens and foods that patients are allergic to may help.

Toxic Overload: Today people are exposed to all kinds of toxins in the air, food and water. As our bodies accumulate toxins there is an impairment of the body’s functions which can affect and can cause weight gain.

The Integrative Japanese Acupuncture and Wellness Center has a variety of techniques and programs aimed at reducing hunger, appetite control and the inhibition of cravings. Patient’s programs are individualized depending on their diagnosis and lifestyle.

Integrative Japanese Acupuncture can boost your metabolic rate. In addition to acupuncture you will be prescribed natural supplements, medical foods and vitamins that help burn fat and regulate your sugar metabolism.

A Customized Nutritional and Supplement Plan will be designed based on your constitutional type and pulses.

Individually Designed Exercise Program

Often the thing that gets dropped when life becomes too complicated is exercise. Integrative Japanese Acupuncture and Wellness Center will help you create an exercise plan that fits your lifestyle, fitness level and is fun and exciting for you.


Part of the weight loss program at Integrative Japanese Acupuncture and Wellness Center is the availability of prescription medical weight loss.

Susan Wayne has joined the wellness center to provide another arm for weight loss.

Susan Wayne is a certified Family Nurse Practitioner who has practiced for 30 years. She received her Masters of Science in Nursing and Family Practice degree from SUNY Stonybrook. She has experience in treating acute and chronic illness, and specializes in Integrative Medicine and Holistic Nursing. Susan studied herbal medicine with our own renowned herbalist Michael Moore. She has taught nursing and integrative medicine topics at New York University and Northern New Mexico College.

Susan Wayne’s approach to weight loss is integrative.

“Management and treatment of lasting weight loss includes screening for hidden causes of weight gain such as hormonal imbalances, i.e. thyroid disorder or diabetes. Another trigger of weight gain can be female menopause/male menopause which can determined through blood testing. Frequently, long term life stress will disrupt the endocrine (hormone) system causing physical symptoms such as weight gain around the middle of the body, fatigue, joint pains, mood swings and poor sleep.

An integrative approach to successful weight loss and health is utilized targeting the strengths and preferences of the client such as dietary preferences, and nutritional supplements and herbs to curb appetite, avoid constipation, and reduce edema (puffiness). Some clients may require prescription medication to start their weight loss journey. Healthy diet choices and regular exercise are important in attaining successful outcomes for ideal weight loss maintenance.” Susan Wayne

Wellness counseling

As part of your program you will check in weekly at first to see if there is any adjustment needed and to track your progress. All patients hit snags in their pursuits and a team effort helps patients to attain their goals.

Get tips and bite size ideas for exercise here!

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