Addiction Recovery

Smoking and Drug Cessation

10 Tobacco Free Tools

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Integrative Japanese Acupuncture and Wellness Center tackle addictions head on. Acupuncture can be highly effective in helping patients stop smoking and abusing other substances including pharmaceuticals.  One of the most effective treatments for addiction is the NADA protocol developed by Dr. Michael Smith and used in the Bronx Hospital. This involves acupuncture of specific points in the ear that releases of a cascade of neurochemicals in the brain that helps with withdrawals. We recognize the challenges involved in quitting, and our treatments will help you by:

  • Reducing cravings;
  • Reducing symptoms of withdrawal, including irritability;
  • Reducing general levels of stress and tension;
  • Reducing levels of fatigue;
  • Accelerating the clearing of toxins from the lungs and other systems;
  • Strengthening the immune system; and
  • Enhancing willpower, general outlook and positive thinking.

We also use various wellness strategies to help you find the precipitating cause for you addiction and develop new behaviors that lead you on a new path of health.
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