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INTEGRATIVE FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE Integrative functional medicine is a new paradigm in western medicine that uses a biological systems approach; which involves an analysis of how all the components of the body interacts functionally. It looks at chemical pathways to understand disease and dysfunction. By shifting from disease-based medicine to patient based, integrative functional medicine treats the whole person rather than isolated symptoms.

Integrative functional medicine involves the discovery of the root cause of illness, prevention, and treatment of complex health problems. As an integrative clinic and wellness center, we are patient-centered, science-based, and use the best of all medical modalities to focus on healing and prevention.

To accomplish the patient’s goals of health Dr. Duckworth uses Integrative Japanese Acupuncture, Oriental Medicine, nutrition, latest laboratory testing and other diagnostic techniques. Chinese herbs, nutraceuticals, therapeutic diets, detoxification programs and stress management techniques are also employed in wellness strategies. Dr. Duckworth’s goal at the clinic is to establish a partnership with you to develop the strategies for healing. She wants to consider all factors that influence health, wellness and disease.

The clinic first considers the use of natural, effective, less invasive interventions. When the complexity of a health condition needs more than a natural approach, Dr. Duckworth is the first to refer the patient to other medical clinics for other treatments that can address the problem. Dr. Duckworth is well respected in the medical community and has good working relations and communication with other doctors. Her philosophy is “that whatever gets the patient well is the best course of action.”

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