safe detoxingAt the Japanese Integrative Acupuncture and Wellness Center one of our most important assessments of a patient is their toxic load. It is found that one of the most important causes for illness and the inability to heal is the toxicity of the patient.

We are exposed to toxins in the air, food, water. These toxins accumulate in our bodies. Everyday there is new evidence that our exposure to toxins is profound. This toxic overload impairs the body from healing. Our detoxification system becomes overwhelmed and can’t eliminate the toxins fast enough. The detox system begins to fail and there is damage to the detox pathways our immune system, hormonal balance and neurological pathways function.

Patients are screened as to what toxins may be causing the damaging affect. Various screenings are used. Please refer to TESTING.

There are many ways to detoxify the body:

Diet. The elimination of toxic foods
Massage therapy
Micro-current therapy
Herbal and supplemental enhancement of the detoxification pathways
Adjunctive vitamin and mineral support
Amino Acids therapy
Oral Chelation
Fasting and cleansing medical foods protocols

With detoxification brings the return of more normal functioning to the body’s system and chronic and difficult conditions can begin to heal.

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