Micro Stimulation

micro-stimulation therapyWhen tissue is injured or diseased, the vibrational frequencies of their electrons are disrupted. The specific abnormal vibration is not only determine by the tissue that h as damage but also what meridian run through the affected area. Sometimes this dysfunctional pattern becomes chronic and perpetuates the symptoms in the patient.

At Japanese integrative Acupuncture and Wellness Center we use Acutron to treat various problems from Bell’s palsy to common low back pain. The Acutron is a microcurrent machine, which only puts out in millionths of amperes, which are the same amperes as human cells. Using amperage similar to that of the body allows the body to resonate with the stimulation. Amperage that is higher tends to suppress or override the body’ energy and can lead to rebound effects after the treatment. The Acutron is used with acupuncture needles making the focus of the stimulus much more accurate than just having skin stimulation.

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